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Visual Media Services is open year round with the exception of federal holidays. Our hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Walk-in orders are always welcome.

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By using Visual Media Services, the borrower agrees to abide by the following:

It is the borrower's responsibility to return items when due. Teachers failing to return items that are scheduled to another school are required to take the item to the next scheduled school by 8:00 am the following morning.

School staff who manage the video/dvd bags should distribute items to school staff as soon as received in the District mail. Return videos/dvds every day by District mail in the blue interlibrary loan bags. Notify Visual Media Services immediately if you feel your shipment is in error.

Please plan ahead. Visual Media Services serves over 3,500 teachers in more than 60 schools. Videos and dvds are delivered by District mail courier. We ship items three days before the first use date and allow three days for return before overdue. Please reserve items at least seven days in advance to allow for time in the mail. Particularly for seasonal items, it is wise to request materials as far in advance as possible. We are happy to make changes in existing orders, if possible, to best meet your individual needs.

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You may easily locate media materials using the online catalog.

Keyword searches are the most successful when only one or two words are used. Searches may be qualified in various ways. Some of the more frequently used qualifiers, available from drop-down menus, include:

Keyword. The default search mode. Optional choices include search by title (including the 5-digit title number), and series title. For the use of other options, consult more detailed information at Using Visual Media Services Online Catalog.

50 Items. This menu determines how many titles are displayed on the screen at a time.

Audience level. Only looking for materials for fifth grade? Restrict your search to Intermediate with this menu. Grades K, 1, 2 are Primary (P); grades 3, 4, 5 are Intermediate (I); grades 6,7,8 are Middle (M), and grades 9-12 are Senior level (S).

Year. To locate materials produced recently, select a date followed by the "+" for production dates since that year.

Language. Visual Media Services has materials in English, Spanish, French and German language.

Sound Type. To see all closed-captioned titles in the collection, select Captioned (CA) and hit the submit button with nothing in the search box.

Be sure to Submit the search to see results. Clicking on the hypertext one-line brief display will reveal the complete item description. To place the item in your media shopping cart, click on the Pick button. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so.

Search Catalog

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There are several ways to order items found in the online catalog.

Online. Begin by selecting Order Form from Visual Media Services homepage. Log in with your active directory username and password. Please follow the directions on each of the order form screens to minimize difficulties.

The earliest availability for online orders is four days after the order is submitted. Items needed earlier may be reserved by calling our staff and picking up from the District Library.

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Phone. Visual Media Services accepts phone requests between 8 am - 4 pm weekdays. Please plan ahead at least one week for videos and dvds, which need to be sent through District mail.

Walk-in. Visual Media Services can accommodate walk-in requests at any time during the office hours. It is strongly advised that you call ahead to insure availability of a specific media item.

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You may check bookings in two ways:

Online. Confirmation information is always available to logged-in users. Click Check My Booking Record on the Visual Media Services homepage or click the Options Menu tab at the top of the screen and select Bookings. If an expected future booking is not shown on this screen, it WILL NOT be coming! Please call Visual Media Services to book the requested materials.

Confirmation forms. Every booking attempt generates an email confirmation form. The form indicates client information, the request date(s), and whether or not the item(s) were booked as requested. If items were unavailable, the confirmation will carry a "Sorry, the following titles are unavailable"message with the request date indicated. Even if a user receives this message, the item may have been booked on an alternate date. If a confirmation is not received, the item was probably not booked! Call Visual Media Services to check the order status.

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If you need to make a change in a booking, please call Visual Media Services with the 6-digit order number (listed on the order confirmation) ready. Date changes cannot be made online. Cancellations can be done online or by phone.

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Truck courier. All Cherry Creek District schools and other buildings receive videos and dvds by District mail courier. Items are shipped in a blue interlibrary loan bag identified by "DVDS & VIDEOS" labels. Every item contains a label indicating We ship and You return dates. Note that WE SHIP indicates at least one day prior to first usage, not the first show date. YOU RETURN is the due date. The item must be put into a blue interlibrary loan bag for return by District mail at the end of the school day on the YOU RETURN date. Multicultural trunks and StarLab are delivered and picked up by District Library staff on the YOU RETURN date. Trunks and StarLab are delivered to your school's main office, so please return your items there first thing in the morning on the YOU RETURN date.

Client pickup/return. Patrons may arrange to pick up or return items to Visual Media Services during office hours. After hours, items may be returned in the drop box on the door of the District Library & Visual Media Services at the Student Achievement Resource Center (SARC).

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Teacher suggestions for new DVDs and streaming videos are always welcome. Before making a request, check for the item in the visual media catalog. When making a request for purchase, provide as much information as possible about the requested item(s) such as distributor, producer, year, etc.

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Our staff has resources to obtain the best available media for K-12 education. Teachers looking for a particular item are encouraged to contact Visual Media Services to find materials currently available. Our staff is also available to give instruction on the use of the online services.

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